We’re not asking the Legislature to move mountains for our kids.

We are asking them to bridge the funding gap.

“As Speaker of the House I fought so charter school students would get equitable funding, but the fight is not over. This is the right thing to do. Please lend your voice and sign our online petition.”

– Greg Hughes, Chairman, Our Charter Families

Sign the petition right now to demand equitable funding for public charter school students.

Act now! Legislators will be voting on this before the Legislature adjourns next Thursday.

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Which of these Utah students is worth MORE than the others?


  • School funding is determined by formulas used to match what charter schools receive per student with what traditional schools receive per student. We’ve learned there is a significant flaw in the formula which results in a significant gap in funding that the legislature must fix.

  • There is currently a multi-million dollar funding gap between traditional neighborhood school students and our charter school students. Leaders have known for years that the formula used to determine how much money should be allocated to charter schools is flawed because it uses property tax data that is two years old.

  • As charter school parents, all we ask from the legislature is that our children be treated with equity. It’s time for every charter school parent to demand equitable funding. Legislators will correct this problem if they hear from us now.

Sign the petition and we will make sure your legislator gets your message before this critical vote!